woensdag 28 augustus 2019

The Middle-Earth Hobby Bingo update 4

Hello again, and welcome to the update post the summer vacation.

Not that that made a huge difference for painting time, as while work at work died down for a few weeks, work in the new place picked up...

Still, I managed to scratch away something on the roster in this period!

The first of those being "Build and Paint a Scenery Kit" in the form of this ruined corner set, a resin model that has been round for ages in my stash and now restored to be used at the club in events.

Now, I do admit, for the next one I sort of cheated.  "Read The Hobbit or any book from The Lord of the Rings trilogy".  Fact is, I`ve read them already so many times, I wasn`t going to re-read them just for the Bingo.  But I did scratch it out as I finished The Fall of Gondolin recently.

I also scratched of "Buy a Model and paint it within 48 hours of receiving it", as I received Lobelia (I LOVE that model) on the 9th in the evening as I opened a parcel from Italy.  Now, I have a bit of a reputation of being able to paint "good for the tabletop" models really fast, so I immediatly assaulted her that evening with my 3-tone style.  Saturday morning I based and flocked her, I didn`t do it in 48 hours, I did it in less then 24 ;-)

Going onwards now, I estimate the next update near the end of november...

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