maandag 21 oktober 2019

Armies on Parade 2019: Parade Day Games Workshop Antwerpen

The past saturday, it was Parade Day again at the local Games Workshop, as Armies on Parade reached it's annual height.

Unfortunatly, while I had planned and painted to enter with an MESBG force, it was not to be this year.

We had a date with this lovely little fellow today...

Never the less, I did drop by to get my White Dwarf, and while it was still rather early in the day and not all participants had probably arrived yet, there where already some lovely armies on display.

I personally liked the Undead the most (as for that matter, so did Noshi), but I`m curious about who else entered and who won.  I`ll be eyeing their facebook page for that matter this week...

And next year, I`ll be present again for sure!

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