vrijdag 18 oktober 2019

Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai

Nothing to spectacular in this post to be honest, as these are the first Uruk-hai of Cirith Ungol that I painted up.

Now, I keep "paint logs" for my models, to have references when I paint up more of certain troops in the future, and these models have been the first of it's kind as a try out for the colour scheme.

In the future, I will be painting up at least some more of his brethren as well as their "leader" Shaggrath, but for now, these three are the ones needed for the Cirith Ungol battle company to be finished.

For a "full" army, the list shares a lot of units with Mordor / Barad-dur / Angmar in the end, so if one builds a large army of Mordor, one can field one of the others just as well, as only some characters or a small unit left or right diversify the forces mainly consisting of orcs...

And as such, these add 25 points to my Mordor force...

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