woensdag 9 oktober 2019

How to Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World

In what is supposed to be the final instalment of the story, we meet up again with Hiccup, Toothless and his gang one year after the events of the previous film.

They are still saving dragons and bringing them to the Viking and dragon utopia of Berk...

... but then a legendary dragon killer comes into the fold, out to kill the last Nightfury, Toothless.  The vikings decide to go searching for the mythical Hidden World, a land where the dragons originated from at the end of the world.

Settling temporarily on another island, Hiccup and Astrid find this place after Toothless was set free with a crush on a Lightfury, whom he is so smitten with it hampers his normal abilities and ways.  They find the Hidden World when looking for him, but the new Berk is attacked and the dragons captured.  Hiccup and his friends set out to free Toothless and the dragons, and after defeating Grimmel, he says his last goodbye to Toothless.  Leading the other dragons, the beasts fly off to the Hidden World and out of the history books, only to return when mankind is ready for their existence...

Ten years later, Hiccup and Astrid set sail with their two children to look for the Hidden World.  They find Toothless and his family (his three cubs are A-DO-RA-BLE) and go for a last flight...

It was another lovely ,ovie, and I actually had to hold back a tear as well at the end.  Dramatic and comical at the same time, this is one of those very enjoyable saturday evening movies to watch!

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