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Posted by : Tomsche69 maandag 23 augustus 2021

 Hello fanbase, here is your idol again, and this time I`m going to tell about my fantastic holiday I had with mommy and daddy in Westende, at the Belgian coast.

With Covid-19 still a thing, they decided we where going to do another staycation this year, and opted for the coast.

Now, the weather is back to normal Belgian standards, in that it rains and is chilly, but the geezers where in luck as I brought sunshine along!

Upon arrival after an arduous journey, I of course went to inspect the appartment first, and directed where my bed would be.  Because of course, no-one knows better where I sleep well, then myself (editor's note: you sleep like everywhere in every position)!

The hotel also had some inside play accomodations, whom I of course had to try out.

We went to an animal farm there as well, but believe me, the plants there are vicious.  Luckily, as you can see, I did some druidic magic on them in order to soothe them and be excellent bunny food again.


Talking food, after working hard there in rebuilding the sandbox, I treated myself to daddy's pancake with whipped cream.

Ooooh, shineys...

Ow sorry, I was distratced there for a moment.  In Middelkerke, there was a Stripfestival, so we just had to explore that.  I saw a lot of stripheroes, and took mental notes that daddy has to read from them in a few years.

I also got a grave injury at the seaside, but they immediatly send the rescue helicopter to treat my wounds.

I also received this cool unicorn ducky, my new favorite chewtoy when I feel like it being my favorite chewtoy.

Talking chewsies, did you know that belgian waffles with whipped cream and nutella are absolutely delicious?

Of course, we also went to the beach itself, where I could live out my heart's delight in the sand.


Though at times, it was kinda windy...

And Westende has this amazing large playground, which I braved armed with nothing but an oaken branch!


It was a super holiday, and after driving around a bit in my dino mobile, it was time to slowly pack up and leave back for home.  But what a fun vacation this was!


Thanks mommy and daddy for doing this!


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