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Posted by : Tomsche69 zaterdag 21 augustus 2021

 In today's unboxing, we have a bit of a special item, a Rimuru pin from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

Now, first let me tell you a few things about pins and Japan / Anime.

It isn`t a thing!  For some reason, there just aren`t that many officially licensed enamel pins made in the land of the Rising Sun.  Instead, they still go the button road (you know, those usually round, flat discs with a safety pin for attachment, overhere seen mostly on metal fan jackets).  But fear not, on Instagram a whole community has rizen of western world pinmakers, and there are some GORGEOUS items amongst them.

Like my very first pin that I`m now about to unbox (or unparcel, unenvellope, whatever), created by Tishpins from the United Kingdom.  Check out her Instagram for her work, and link to her Etsy store btw.

Of course, being small scale businesses ran by artists in their spare time, it isn`t supercheap compared to mass produced pins and buttons, but on the other hand you have a unique, limited number piece of art in your hand, and you support those artists doing what they love doing.

It came to just under 25 euro for the pin, and of course taxes (Brexit, IOSS, pick your devil...) where a risk.  No taxes though as it wasn`t stopped!  But anyways, I ordered it the 18th of july, it was shipped the 21st of july and safely arrived the 2nd of august.

So without futher ado, let's have a look at the pin itself:

A gorgeous little thing, and I've decided that after the holidays I`m grabbing a second, small board for adding pins, to put all those excellent custom made ones on that are out there!

What's a collection more or less after all...

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