zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

A late birthday gift to meeeeeee

Today I went to the Lego store here in Antwerp to `cash in` on a lot of gift vouchers I`d received for my birthday last month.

The goal: Jokerland.  The masses: huge!

Though I would love to thing they where all there to bask in my glorious light, it was more because today was not only the release of the new Scooby Doo line and the Ferrari F40, but also the Ideas set of The Big Bang Theory.

Seeing the amount of people that threw themselves on a copy (mulitple copies) of that set, it`s bound to be sold out in a manner of days.

And the Winter Soldier as the promotional this month if you spend 55 or more at the store helps a lot as well of course.

But so I filed in with the 50 or so people already at the door, and as a DC shopper I didn`t have to mingle into the battlefield, walking back out 2 minutes later with my target: Jokerland.

Gift vouchers and some use of points (of which 5 where already refreshed again due to the value of the box later) ibto account, I had to pay a full 3.49 euro for this awesome set.

I likey likey ;-)


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