vrijdag 3 mei 2019

Bane of the Mortal Realms

In this review, we are taking a look at the Age of Sigmar mini-Battletome that came with the Wrath and Rapture box set, putting Slaanesh and Khorne deamons against each other.

And like the 40k variant, it contains everything to include the forces of the boxed set into your bigger games.

The book is split up in two sections for the armies, one for the Khorne forces, and one for Slaanesh, both coming with a unique leader, some Battleline forces and some supporting units.  Of course, warscrolls are included for each of the units, as well as rules to summon more forces to the table.

The whole force included in the box can be taken as a seperate Warscroll Batallion, adding a few special bonusses to your force.

Also included is a mini-campaign of a few linked narrative scenarios, where the forces of Slaanesh do their best to wrestle a relic from the hands of the Blood God.

And of course, the final part is the points values for the models in order to include them, as said above, in your forces.

This small booklet is perhaps more intresting then the 40k one to be honest, as the narrative story looks more balanced then it's opposite.  and it has most of the core units available in the game as well in it making it a good reference tome.

Lovely little thing...

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