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SBG issue 2 - Spring 2015

While back then it took a while between issue 1 and 2 of this excellent fanzine, the benefit of having bought the whole lot of them in one go cancels this out of course.

And issue two is all build up around a theme, namely the battle at the Dimrill Gate of Moria, but that by no means mean there is nothing else in the magazine.

The first article details a top 10 list of the most undercosted "non top tier" heroes of the time, those cheap heroes you can take in an army to give some serious boosting to your forces.

The Dr's Corner, a column about general hobby insights, takes a look this edition in how attending tournaments can be the source of the friendships developping, even resulting in the creation of a fanzine.

Of Fluff and Fury is my personal favorite this issue, as it details on playing tournaments and games with fluff based armies over the "most bang for your buck" (pointswise then) armies, and be competitive none the less with them.  Or at least have a great time!

This month's scenario is of course the Battle of Azanulbizar, or the Dimrill Gate, where Azog defiles the ancestry line of Thorin.  And comes with some profiles for models that had no statlines back in that edition of the game.

The Tactica article this time handles one of the most underestimated forces, being Azog's Hunter, a force consisting of mostly trackers mounted on Wargs that hunt their enemies over the field of battle.

And then of course we get the battle report over the Dimrill Gate, as the dwarves fight to get entry into Moria, but also have to keep their young prince alive against the slaughter of Azog and his troops.

Thror gets a painting masterclass treatment after the battle, in order to make your lord look epic on the tabletop in this excellent step by step guide.

The Dimrill Gate was featured a lot in this magazine, and now we get a look at how the actual gaming board has been made to play over.

The final article in the magazine this issue is a look at how the unique Azog model that can be seen throughout the battlereport and scenario has been sculpted and converted.

Another good looking magazine this time around, and with the almost total lack of MESBG related material with the revamped White Dwarf, this is a welcome read every time again.

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