zaterdag 4 mei 2019

On the Painting Desk 92

Another week has passed, and so has april...

Time really does seem to fly this year, as this might be the final month I can actually paint something else then walls and ceilings.

To that end, I did finsish some stuff that was on the desk the past week.  As you could see earlier this week, Denethor has been added to the forces of Gondor now, and some movement trays, who will feature in a post in a few weeks, are finished as well.

As you also could read last week, I base coloured a pile of Morannon orcs over at Noshi's, and they are now on the desk here to be finished and added to the armies.

Over at paintstation Beta

Talking Noshi's place and Morannon orcs, this week I already undercoated the next batch of 18 of the 'better quality' orc rank and file for my Mordor list

So what are we aiming at this week?  Well, first of all, and finally perhaps, I want to complete those 4 drones for my Tau.  Next to that, those swordsmen of Minas Tirith are finally getting done as well I hope, and I want to work a bit on the orcs and elves.

See you in a week to see how far we actually progressed!

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