dinsdag 28 mei 2019

Gent West season 2

The second season has just ended of this flemish series about a female prison and all the (mis)adventures that go on in there.

And like the first one, it had a strong overarcing storyline, but an extra layer of intrigue has been added this year.

There is a new director in the jail, and she is one strange and mysterious cookie.  Wit her arrival, and the removal at the end of season one of Kat by the antagonist Veronique, she slowly installs a reign of terror in the jail by salving and hitting.

Through these means, she tries to gain control over the prison, singling out the 'current' leader in the prison, Sam, by trying to bring Veronique in her fold.  But Veronique has an agenda of her own however, which she broods on during the whole season and a whole series of seemingly small and odd decisions.  She wants to escape and take revenge on the murderer of her daughter.

The two's agenda's at first seem to work perfectly in harmony, but Steve, a warden, slowly uncovers the truth behind the new director, and how she herself is here to extract vengeance on one of the other wardens, whom she got to know during her previous posting in the jail of Bruges.  This all results in two power games, the one of the director to gain control of the population, and the one of Sam who tries to keep hers, running amoc in the jail, while Veronique bides her time to bring her plan to fruition...

Another strong season, and one that definitly begs for a third one, which hopefully arrives next year!

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