woensdag 15 mei 2019

Renee the baker

Finally I finished this soft plastic model, to serve as a standerby / objective in our games of Burrows and Badgers.

Which we really should dive into, but that is going to be something for after the move I guess.

The model, from a local supermarket chain 'farm animals' action last year, is a hinde who likes cooking and baking, but the models are 32mm in scale so make excellent additions for non-combatants on the tabletop.

Painted in the three layer style I prefer, to add some strong contrasts on the models as they aren`t that deeply detailed (albeit, for soft plastics, they aren`t bad at all), this is like the first non-Lord of the Rings model I painted in months.

Enjoy, and if you are Belgian, expect these sorts of soft figures to turn up for eurocents on fleamarkets this summer... I will definitly be on the lookout for them...

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