zaterdag 11 mei 2019

On the Painting Desk 93

It has been a good week, as I managed to finish some stuff from the desk.

And hopefully, some more of the models standing on it will see themselves finished the coming weeks, as the serious reduction of painting time now comes very, very close...

The Swordsmen of Minas Tirith where finally based and as such completed, scratching off 7 models of the to do list as such.

The same goes for the civilian model for Burrows and Badgers, and I'm doing good progress on the drones at last... they might even get finished this month hehehe...

I`ve started some work on some scenery as well this week, most of it being painted at the club yesterday for large parts.  The pillars are the ones (well, part of the heap) I recently had printed, and now I`m preparing them for Battle Through the Ages in september.  Some might actually get finished this week as well if I get like an hour off or so to do my thing.

The rest of the paint time will be dedicated to working further on the Morannon Orcs I guess...

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