woensdag 8 mei 2019

White Dwarf May 2019

Another beginning of the month, another issue of the White Dwarf magazine... for the last time!

Starting next month, they are changing to a release date around the middle of the month instead, so the next one will be on sale 21st of June!!!!

Now, before I take a look at the articles of this issue, I must say that the longer it goes on, the less convinved I am that the make over / reboot is that fantastic.  I'm missing a lot of "flavour" that was part of the previous incarnation as the months go on, especially on new releases whom they now all reference to the Warhammer Community site.

I mean, we just got a whole new host of Slaanesh deamons, including a Battletome for AoS, but not a worth is mentioned about it in this issue.

As usual, the magazine starts with Contact and Reader's Models.

In Worlds of Warhammer, we take a look this month on how the fluff behind the realms is being created and expanded by the hand of Black Library writer Nick Horth.

The first article for 40k is about the new Abaddon model

In the short story a Light of Hope, a crew tries to navigate the warp without the guiding light of the Astronomicon.

Index Xenos is this month all about the mini Aeldari faction of the Ynnari, the force that binds the various factions together in a single force.  That eliminates in one go all the benefits a Slaanesh army had against them...

Of course, an accompanying Showcase comes with the article, as does a suitable Paint Splatter.

In Kitbash: Battleforged a look is taken at how to mingle the Primaris kits with the standard Marine ones.

The White Dwarf Interview this month makes a talk with long time Dwarfer Matt Hudson, as does the next story, A Tale of One Collector about his mighty armies.

Moving to Age of Sigmar, we start with Rules of Engagement, looking at the rules for Summoning Daemons in your games and how they evolved.

The Realm of Shadow is the spotlight (no pun intended) for this months Fantastical Realms article.

The fiction for AoS this month is about the unlocking of a Stormvault of Sigmar between Daughters of Khaine and the Fyreslayers...

... which also ties in to this months Battle Report, so that is quite nice how they connect their fiction and games together this month.

Next up we move to Warhammer Underworlds and take a look at Organised Play for the game system.

The second article with New Rules for this month take us to the Blackstone Fortress game with expanded hostile players rules.

Something Middle-earth this month!  In the Gundabad Reavers, we get a look at how a force of Gundabad has been converted to appear truly unique.

Next up is an article for Necromunda, giving arbitrators the chance for an extra dimension to the game with Perpetual Campaigns to be fought out.

From the Black Library we get a piece of 30k fiction, as in Visions of Darkness Malcador the Sigilite tries to glance into the future... and a second short story with The Summons of Darkness.

As usual we end with the In the Studio column, before seeing on the back cover that next issue it will be extra rules for the Fyreslayers in Age of Sigmar.

So, yes, I have a sour feeling on this issue to be honest, as it feels like a lot is missing.  Where are the instalments of the Tales of Four Warlords they started respectively one and two issues ago?  The new Slaanesh forces? No, definitly not the best of issues at all this time...

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