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SBG issue 3 - Spring 2016

The first of a two parter, detailing the setting of Dol Guldur where the White Council takes on the rising power of the Necromancer.

And with that premises, it's time to have a look at yet another greatly produced fanzine, I'm really burning through these issues as they are so fun to read and nicely made, offering a variety of articles based around the MESBG game.

We open up with SBG Towers, a collection of small facts around the production of the magazine itself, a new and fun feature.

In Over Hill and Under Hill, James Baldwin takes us along in his first steps in the GBHL tournament scene.  Being before that a painter and modeller, he took the plunge to be swept of the road and go on an adventure, and tells about his journey into the wider community in a very entertaining writing style.

In the third and final instalment of Tom's Top 10, he takes a look at the most undercosted top tier heroes of the Hobbit edition of the game, which was at that time in effect, and how some characters who got an "upgraded" version aren't necessary always the better version of the character.

The Siege of Dol Guldur is a scenario for a massive two fold battle.  It details the battle of the White Council to encounter the Necromancer, who himself is at that time locked in a duel with Gandalf.

The Tactica article of this issue takes a deeper look at the pro and cons of the named Ringwraiths, and how they can be far more effective is used right then their stats line might look at first sight.  With insights in how to best use their special rules and all, this is a handy guide to play with, or when faced with, the Nine.

Battle Report: The Siege of Dol Guldur, where the presented scenario from earlier on is put through it's paces on an amazing gaming table.  And I must say, the result might be the closest you actually can ever get one...

In the next article, Summoning the Nine, we get a look at how Matt Davies converted and sculpted the Nine as they appear in the The Battle of the Five Armies movies, with the weapons and all on how they where shown on screen.

But that is not all on the converting and sculpting level, as the cutsom made Necromancer model aka Sauron) is also shown on how he came into being.

His future ally, Saruman the White, get's the painting masterclass treatment this issue, and the steps to create a stunning look for him are explained in the magazine this time round.

And then we wrap up this issue with the Hobby Blog, where the contributors of the magazine shed a few words on what they are currently working on.

A really nice issue of the fanzine, with some stunning work to be shown, a very tense battle report which I have to say, even unbiased, was one of the best I read in years over all sorts of official and unofficial magazines, and some great viewpoint articles.

Worth a look at!

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