donderdag 18 juli 2019

Date a Live season 3

The hilarious harem anime is back in 2019, with the third season of the adventures of Shidou who has to seal spirit powers away by kissing them.

It has been 5 years since the second season was aired, but it was worth the wait as it is just as comical as it's predecessors.

The season actually has two arcs, and in the first a new spirit makes her appearance, a witch like one called Natsume.  Shidou is forced to save his friends from being erased to play in her magical game and to make her fall for him to seal her powers.

But the second arc is the mainliner, as Origami, hellbound on destroying all spirits, becomes one herself.  However, when she finds out the truth about who actually killed them, Shidou is forced to travel back to the past with the help of Kurumi.  He manages to change history, but in doing so doesn't get the result he actually hoped for...

And then there is the final episode where Shidou has to be the one to be swooned by the spirits...

A good season with a lot of laughs, as the various spirits each have their quirks causing Shidou to end up in awkward situations, and definitly worth a look!

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