vrijdag 26 juli 2019

Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works prologue

This is kind of something special to be honest in my year's long anime "career".

This prologue, or episode 0 as it is called, is exactly the same as the very first (double length) episode of the series, only now seen from the viewpoint of Rin instead of Shirou.

So the whole episode tells exactly the same story, with the same events and timetable, ending the moment Lancer runs through Emiya Shirou for being a witness to the Servant battle... only now it is all seen as Rin experienced the first day of the Holy War.

This gives the whole prologue a pretty cool feeling to be honest, because even if you have seen it, it is completemy different yet more the same.  I know that sounds confuzzling, but I guess you have to experience that for yourself.

And it offers a great insight into Rin's motivations for the war, and how she ended up wih Archer...

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