zaterdag 20 juli 2019

On the Painting Desk 103

Even though I had a bit of free time this week, not much has moved on the painting desk this week.

Because I'e been mostly sorting figures that I won't move, and packing up others that will get to the new mancave in a few months.

I did however managed to get some small amount of work done on the Rivendell elves, but nothing to spectacular at all...

... except finishing Gothmog, expect him next week in a blogpost :-)

I did assemble some models as well, in the form of some Cirith Ungol uruk-hai and the models for my Harad battle company, but those where the final ones to come out of the storage boxes and into the paint line until november normally.

I doubt I will get much done as well for the coming week, but baby steps are steps as well...

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