vrijdag 5 juli 2019

The Summer Project 2019: clean up that desk

It's perhaps a bit of a shame that an upcoming move of places has to be brought in to get myself focussed, but hey, any motivation is good motivation...

But normally, the new place should be ready around november, and that means by then a lot of packing up and stuffing into boxes, in order to go from place A to B...

While I have a lot of boxes and carrying cases just to do that without any problems, it is also a good motivation to spend the limited painting time between then and now to try and finish all the things I have standing around primed, half painted or just assembled so far.

As such, for the upcoming months I won't be adding anything new to the ranks, just go with what is now on the desk (and the "back up closet") and round those all out, painting up as we go to make it a more "pack together easier" event AND actually see that desk empty before it has to be moved itself.  And mostly, as I said in an earlier post, go for the relatively quick to finish, short term projects first I listed in there before...

Now, one thing this sort of stacking and sorting also brings along, is the fact one finds a lot of either unpainted stuff that really won't get used in the future, or parts of armies that you don't like playing with.  These models will in all probability either end on some trade forum or on the Bring and Sell at Crisis this year.  The more I can ditch that way... the less I have to pack up and move as a result, let alone find a spot for...

But WHAT is on that desk at the moment?

* One resin ruined building
* FWC Sicaran, Spartan, infantry and Razorbacks in 6mm
* 3 large toy animals for a demogame
* 1 Haradrim raider and 1 Cirith Ungol uruk hai for colour scheme tryout
* Pippin of Gondor
* T'au commander
* Mounted and foot version of Eowyn
* Foot versions of Hama, Gamling, Merry of Rohan
* Mounted Eomer
* handfull of Rohan Warriors
* about 45 Minas Tirith warriors
* a dozen Moria Goblins
* Gothmog
* 6 Dwarfs of Kazad dum
* some Rangers of Arnor
* 6 Rivendell elves

In the back up closet I still have 30+ Mordor Orcs, the Blood Bowl Amazon team and a Tau Stealth suit squad, while at Noshi's 18 Morannon Orcs are awaiting painting...

And that is about it

This is so going to be hell for my attention span of a goldfish brain x-D

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