dinsdag 2 juli 2019

Wanted: Dead by Mike Brooks

Part of the series 1 Novella line by Games Workshop's Black Library, this novel is set in the world of Necromunda, a teeming hive full of warring gangs.

While on the short side at 118 pages, it does make a good read, even though the end is a bit "as expected".

In the teeming hives of Necromunda, from the highest peaks to the lowest depths, life is a constant fight for survival.  When an ambush in the Underhive goes wrong, and a Guilder gets killed, an Escher gang suddenly find themselves outlawed.
Now the hunters have become the hunted, and everyone is after their blood - enforcers, bounty hunters, even other gangs.  With their leader dead, Jarene of the Wild Cats has to take control and save the lives of herself and her sisters in arms, as well as restoring the honour of their gang.
For the fateful ambush was no accident, and the true culprits need to face justice.

A swift read as it is written really well, this novel will be good company for a lazy evening next to your chempowered stove, enjoying your ratkebabs...

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