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Rohan vs Last Alliance: Stand Your Ground MESBG Battle Companies BatRep

Once an alliance existed between the realms of Elf and Man, and on occasion those ancient bonds are honoured.  On one such occasion, a band of noble Elves of Rivendell and the last of the line of Numenor, blood that has all been spend, marched to battle once more to drive of a band of more uncivilised, even barbarian looking, men that where settling on the green meadows to graze their flocks of horses... but one night as they made camp, the Rohirrim struck!

It's been a while since I took the field against Noshi, but as I had a tournament coming up on sunday, it was time for a uick fresh up of the basic rules.

That full tournament report and how I fared will be posted tomorrow by the way...

Noshi departed (slightly) from her Rivendell elves, as I still haven't obtained the required (metal) High Elf spearmen, and instead now fielded a force of Last Alliance troops.  A band I recently completed for the collection.  While this means she doesn't have two spear supporting troops, she also now has not only and extra body, but a well armoured one to boot...

I finally fielded my completed band of beloved Rohirrim, as the sons of Eorl where ready to take the field.

The scenario we rolled was Stand Your Ground, with a ziggurat serving as a hill for the scenario.

Noshi had to defend the building from the Rohan warriors, who surrounded the camp of the Last Alliance warriors.  While I knew I would be in trouble in combat, as all her Fight values where higher, I had to hope and reduce her force to 25%.

To that end, the Rohirrim stormed forward, the archers providing some covering fire with no effect.  However, that elven archer I started to hate in previous games, dubbed "the M16", seemingly was present again as his first shot took out one of my warriors.  Sigh.

The Rohirrim started climbing the structure and engage in combat, and my throwing spear hero took down an elven warrior in retaliation.  To which her archer duly replied by planting an arrow between the eyes of my archer hero, who was abandoned by Fate and perished.

The Rohirrim now had the elven and numenorian warriors boxed in (we agreed not using the trapped rules for the sides of the temple, as it *is* supposed to be a gently sloping hill or knoll) and combat raged all around.  First to fall was one of the Numenorian warriors.

The throwing spear hero reached the top of the temple, but as the fighting raged all around he was struck down by both heroes from The Last Alliance.

The figting continued, and the next to fall was another Numenorian warrior on the sides of the temple.

The elven archer then withdrew from the fighting, and in doing so took out of course a Rohan archer in the next turn, as they engaged in a shoot out duel...  Both bands where now hovering close to breaking point, but that would only effect models not on the temple as per the scenario special rules.

And then it happened, the Elven warrior hero was struck down by a Rohan swordsman, and this caused her band to drop under 25%, ending the scenario and bringing victory to the horse lords as they had one more model on the temble then the Last Alliance.

So yes, I finally did it and managed to beat Noshi... many a tale about this feat will be sung at the tables of Edoras!!!!

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