zondag 14 juli 2019

The Haul Report 189

The birthday edition!

While I had a lot of nice gifts past week to commerate the 41th age of my divine presence on this ball of mud... they aren't really all for the hobby.

A new tweet jacket now graces my wardrobe, italian dsigner ofc, to go to work and razzledazzle my sweet clients :-)

Not birthday related, my Brigade Games order arrived as well this week, containing the Neo Russian army deal.  These models will become the ground support for my FWC Gundam force, providing command models, infantry and AFV's to go along the mobile suits.

A small parcel from eBay also dropped in, containing an Arnor captain.

And finally, my give-away price from Archonia arrived, the Shura God Cloth model, so happy with this one as Noshi is a Capricorn and now he can stand side by side with my Cancer God Cloth Deathmask.

A most excellent week indeed!

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