vrijdag 19 juli 2019

Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works season 2

The story of the war for the Holy Grail continues, and the mystery about what is going on with Archer deepened.

And then I went out and made a bold theory with Noshi...

In that Archer is actually Shirou from the future, Lancer would be his sevant (at first I thought it would be the priest's) and that Archer intervened in Rin's ritual to appear in this world.  And it all turned out to be like that, except that Lancer was indeed the priest's and not Archer's servant.

Having completed 250+ anime series seems to form your way of thinking watching anime x-D

But in this second season, the antagonists start to fall as the road to completion is being taken.  Some emotionally like Berserker and his master by the hands of Gilgamesh, some rather relieving like how Shinji falls... to his own servant.

The battles are more epic in this second season, and the way Archer confronts his past self adds a great Cause and Effect loop to the storyline: Shirou copies the swords of Archer, who has them from his younger days when he started copying them from his older... you get it, the causual loop involved in timeline tinkering when one meets his past / future self.

This all leads up to the grand finale showdown... and the truth about what the grail actually is and how it was created, making for some gutwrenching emotional realisations.  A truly epic conclusion of this story indeed.  And talking epic conclusions, the girl fight of a jealous Rin in the ultimate "after the war" episode is hilarious...

Well, this was a good intro into the Fate franchise, and we will definitly be watching the other series as well!

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