dinsdag 23 februari 2021

AHPC11: Hall of Heroes: Fatty Bolger

 As I slowly and steadily, like a true Hobbit, will be painting up models for the Scouring campaign book, I arrived at the Hall of Heroes.

And so it is only fitting to paint up one of the most unsung heroes in the Lord of the Rings: brave Fredegar "Fatty" Bolger.

Best friend to Frodo, it was Fatty who in the end stayed behind at Bag's End, to keep the appearance up of the place being inhabited.  And had to ran for his life when the Black Rider came knocking down the door.

Fatty was also instrumental in the uprising against Sharkey and Worm in the scouring of the Shire, and all these heroic deeds resulted in... no screentime booh hiss.  Luckily, GW did a model of the brave little guy years ago, and I selected him to be my hero to feast in the hall.  

Because after all, feasting is even more suited to a Hobbit then heroics...

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