donderdag 8 april 2021

Unboxing Anime Heroes Gemini Saga

 The final unboxing of the first wave of Saint Seiya figures in the Action Heroes line, I`m having a look at Saga, gold saint of Gemini.

While there might be some discussion, I think most series fans agree he is by far the strongest of the Gold saints of Athena... but also the betrayer as he is torn between two personalities as the Gemini saint.

Replacing the pope in Sanctuary, he leads a war against Athena in order to become himself the protector of Earth and ready himself for the war against Hades.  Grieviously delusion yet noble in initial intention, he redeems himself in the Hades arc, and later the Soul of Gold series.

Like the other boxes, art work is featured on the front with the transparent section, as well as the sides while the back features the models of this wave.

Inside, he is protected by a plastic inlay.  Now, he also has his helmet, and the hands to make the "Gemini knight" the bronze saints initially face, but unless I didn`t seem a connection somewhere, you cannot remove his hair and put the helmet instead.

I opted for the spread open hands, which resemble his mighty Galactian Explosion attack.  

His face is just as fine as the other two, but the little flock of hair in front somehow detracts seriously from it.  But he has a long flowing mane which has nice details for an action figure.

This action figure, while anime wise is for me the greatest of the three of the wave, is to be honest I think the weakest in Wave 1.  There just is something as I said above with the face / hair combo that devaluates the model for me.

Now to wait in anticipation for the one figure that will be in wave 2 of the line, Virgo Shaka, to be released!

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