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Posted by : Tomsche69 dinsdag 13 april 2021

 In today's unbxing post, I'm taking a look at the limited edition figure of Seiya, wearing the gold Sagittarius cloth.

Because normally I'm to late grabbing limited editions, meaning I have to pay far more then their original price to obtain them.  
Not so this time with the Saint Seiya line, and even though I still need to order the 5 regular ones (I have low hopes finding the chase glow in the dark model of Ikki), I grabbed asap from Archonia for the collection.

Now, at first when they started to come out, FunkoPop didn't really do it for me, the big head vinyl models where not my cup of tea.  This changed though when seeing (and obtaining) the line from The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and they grew on me ever since.  Let's say the Saint Seiya line won't be the last ones I'll be getting over the years to come...

The model comes in the traditional FunkoPOP boxing, with the limited edition markings added to it.

Opening the box, Seiya is held in place in a plastic clamshell, that opens top and bottom to protect the paintjob from pulling out the mode.

The POP is nicely detailed, with the markings on the bow even added, while it has tiny wings from the cloth as well.

Definitly a good looking model, and one I`ll be displaying with pleasure in my cabinets. Like I said, at first when they came into existence, I wasn't wild about FunkoPOP's, but models like this have definitly kindled my adoration for them!

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