vrijdag 11 juni 2021

Unboxing Gundam Wing LootCrate

 I have always been held back with LootCrate or other mystery boxes due to the shipping and import costs, but now LootCrate has started a 4 ebox limited edition series based around Gundam.

I doubted for a LONG time, but heck, I did give in...

And the first one arrived, based around the Gundam Wing franchise - a bit of nostalgia for me as well, as this was for me the series that brought me the love for the franchise when it ran on Belgian television.  The other crates will be centered around 00, Iron-Blood Orphans and praise hallelujah, and why I actually subbed to the series, is SEED Destiny!!!!  Needless to say, that is the box I truly look forward to receiving!

The crate costed me 42.95 euro, and the shipping was slightly under 9 euro, so that was okay.  Sooooo taxes...
Now, actual shipping was listed as for May '21, and I got the email on the 12th of May.  A quick look on Trustpilot had me panicked a bit, but it arrived safe and sound on the 9th of june, and without any taxes charged.

Now, taking a look at what is in the crate, the complete unboxing is here on my YouTube channel:

So, the loot all together: yeah, I`m happy about it, only one item in there that didn't rock my boat, so that's good stuff and worth the money.

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