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Posted by : Tomsche69 donderdag 23 september 2021

 The collection grew nicely again the past week, with a lovely box from Solaris coming in the 13th.

And in it, two more Lunamaria Hawke's for my shrine, figures Noshi found on the website and promptly made me order.

So of course, I dug in and unboxed my lovely waifu...

I got two different ones, and for the two together pre-owned (and I must say, once again excellent condition, I love the japanese grading system) I paid about 40 euro.
The biggest of the two is the RAH.DX one I missed of the three in the line, Lunamaria in her jumpsuit with her helmet.

The other one is already driving Noshi crazy, as it is one of the Voice I-doll range, so now I have a talking waifu as well in my collection.

Great looking figures, that are now in the shrine as well, which now looks nicely filled like this:

Two less to collect, only about two dozen left to go, as you can see on my MFC account.

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