zondag 28 november 2021

Pas op voor de kleine

 Yesterday evening, Noshi and me finally got to the theatre again, something we couldn`t do due to the little warrior and the Covid restrictions since our citytrip to London... back in 2019.

And we went for a comedy play in a local small "cafe theatre" Multatuli.  You know, those playhouses that can seat about 50 people in a cosy little theatre, and watch a production there.

The play we selected, which is the title of this post of course, translates about "watch out with the baby" and handles about the behaviour around a little guy, from his first day to about the period he became one year old.

During this year, some events happen, like the grandparents, who are both single, becoming a couple.  Now, apart from that part, I must admit both of them very, VERY strongly remind me of my own parents, aka Thorin's grandparents, and as a result it was double fun.  People might think how those two behaved, it might be overplay, but I can vouch... no it isn't.

I nearly wet myself when the baby stated "yes, saved by den Bompa!" .  Wait, the baby stated???  You see, in this play, the baby is giving comments to events giving on like in a true Look Who's Talking style, even becoming a war reporter when it comes out that the father had a short lived fling with the babysitter.  

Add to the mix the distrustful of men best friend of the mother, and you get a lovely selection of pretty "typical" characters that most families have left or right, but now thrown together into one household, with a little munchkin thinking a lot of "oh my God's" in the process.

So a very fun piece to watch, especially if you are from Antwerp, otherwise you might miss the dialect puns of some of the jokes though.

I just wonder if Thorin is thinking those things as well though... well, apart from the Saved by den Bompa part, because I KNOW he thinks that for certain...

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