vrijdag 26 november 2021

Unboxing Himiko Toga nendoroid

 My most recent pre-order that arrived from Ami Ami, and it is our cute little psychopath from the League of Villains, Toga.

This evil lady from Boku No Hero Academia is a shapeshifter, but she can only do it as she ingests the blood of the ones she wants to replace.

So yeah, that makes her a pretty outthere sort of villainess, as her quirk didn`t really suit a career as a super hero.  The nendoroid was released in oktober, and with my shipping options always combining near the end of the month, she came in in the beginning of november.

So time to unbox her and pick the equipment and pose I wanted to put her in!

A really cute model, she now goes in the shelves of the anime cabinet.  She is the second nendoroid I purchased (the first was 02 from Darling in the Franxx) and I must say I`m really warming up to these cute little action dolls.  I can certainly say more will be added over time!

The next one on pre-order to be released being Nanachi from Made in Abyss, somewhere in the coming weeks actually...

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