maandag 29 november 2021

Violet Evergarden The Movie

 Well prepared with a box of tissues, Noshi and me sat down to watch the conclusion of the Violet Evergarden anime phenomena.

Because take my word for it, this is a piece of art.  The whole franchise is gutwrenching, will touch you to the core, is beautifully drawn and animated (those eyes!) and has a melancholic, awesome soundtrack.

As telephone is taking over more and more, the Auto memory Doll service is dwindling down, people writing less letters.  However, Violet gets a call from a young, terminally ill, boy who would love her to write letters to his parents, younger brother and best friend to tell them how much he loved them the moment he passes.

She writes the first three already, when a letter in the return to sender warehouse gets noticed by Hodgins.  It's send from a small remote island, in the handwriting of the long lost and presumed dead major Gilbert, the man Violet loves so much.  Together with Violet they sail to him, but they find an embittered man, rejecting Violet.

The boy passes away in the meantime, but he can speak his final letter through the telephone thanks to Violet's collegues, as Violet prepares to return to the mainland.  But after a lecture by his older brother, Gilbert realizes his errors and manages to just catch up with her, sealing their love and living out their lives on the island.

Another crying galore movie for sure, with the drama of the young boy on the one hand, and the joy of the reunion at last.  The movie also gives that good closing vibe, as a lot of side character stories are resolved, and we now know how it all ends, and it is a happy ending for once...

Greatly recommended like the rest of the franchise, and I said it above, Violet Evergarden is a work of art!

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