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Posted by : Tomsche69 dinsdag 24 januari 2012

So it is that time of the year again, where the daring members of the Lead Adventure Forum square off on the field of battle.

This year it`ll run from march onwards, and there have been some changes in the rules, most importantly for me the following

* Entrants are restricted to 50: Roight, so first I have to see that I can get into it uberhaubt. I hope my efforts and results of the last 2 years might be able to reserve me a spot.

* No photoshopping etc, plain backgrounds: Okay, it wipes away my plan to make 10 paintings to serve as a background, but it is all in all a good ruling. Just figures, no blahblah.

* Start the League with already three teams submitted: I always entered fully fresh teams, so no problem there in essence, but as soon as the Chaos Dwarfs are done, I better start painting for the League entry on the 27th of February.

Bonus themes have been decided as well, I kinda like them but it is going to be hard to reach all goals for maximum points.

* Round 1: Old Metal - classic, pre 1991 metal models. I like this, I even have a still uncracked blister from 1978 with some Star Trek Andorians by Heritage Miniatures, it`s about time I start painting them then...

* Round 5: Tolkien - full points are for a team of 5 heroes and 5 opponents. Nothing a walk to the local GW can`t solve, just going to need to combine as few models as possible for as few euros as possible. So 4 or 5 blisters should be sufficiant.

* Round 10: Naval - the one I dread. You need 2 times 5 ships plus a large model for full points, so perhaps I should order up some extra Confederate Ironclads to face off the Union ones I have lying around, and build something like a fort for the large model. Doubtfull I`m going to score the full amount for this round, but we`ll give it a try none the less.

So what are going to be the goals then this year?

* Try to win 5 out of 10 rounds. Last year I managed four, so being ambitious here

* Try to end in the first half of the table. Previous years I always fell short just of the halfway turnpoint, so this year it`s time to haul myself into that half.

* Gather once more all bonus points. This is going to be a hard one...

This year I`m going to try and do a weekly series on the how I fares, but first things first, let`s see if we make the Hallowed Fifty in the first place...

Sorry PS3, you`ll have to wait for me just a bit longer...

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