vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Project Insanity week 3: Many of First

Remember that first `colour scheme test` Chaos dwarf warrior I brought an ode to a few weeks ago, labelled Fist of Many? Well, here he is again, and this time, he brought some friends.

The main core of the way to small army I`ll be fielding the 12th is this humongous points block, consisting of 30 Warriors and accompanied by the Sorcerer Prophet and a Castellan, costing almost 900 points out of the available 2000. I know, that is many eggs in one basket, and way to many eggs in there for my own personal tastes, but necessity is a very cruel mistress.

Once the tournament has passed, the unit will be filled out to the 40 the base can accomodate, and the character excluded from it. Unit champions in my forces will become the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf models so that they are sprinkled and integrated in the whole army.

So now it is down to the last line, with only 6 blunderbusses remaining to finish, I`m actually going to make it about two weeks ahead of the tournament, a rather spiffy effort for my doing...

The Battle Plan

Roight, about this time, I *should* start thinking of a modus operandi, aka a plan, to tackle the tournament. Fact is, I won`t be able to get a preliminary battle in to see how it all works, as tonight would be the last chance. Release events and drafts for the new Magic set the comming weeks you see.

So my force will be appearing on the tournament with low expectations and no mileage at all on the counter. Okay, so I had decided for myself already that this year would be a `get the feel again` year anyways, so I`m going to have to resort to my veteran years, adaptability on the field of battle and sheer luck to pull of anything else then being slaughtered.

One flank of the huge block will have to be anchored by a board edge, while the other will have the hailshots to protect it. The Earthshaker willl hopefully reduce some enemy blocks with a few well lobbed shells and hope the Quake! effect does the rest, while the K`daai will have two jobs. The first being to tackle all kinds of light infantry, flying circusses and the likes that head for my `in table` flank and cannon, the second to try and not burn themselves apart.

Looking at the opposition, I must say I don`t have to much of a clue how they play these days, so I`ll have to pull on the one resource I still have, how they played in 6th and hope / pray they haven`t changed to much in style over the years.

Registred sure are a Nurgle Deamon army, a Chaos Warrior army, a Dwarf force, a High Elf force, an Araby force and a Nippon force. Don`t really know the last two, but drawing on the historical periods on which they are based, I expect a light infantry force for the first and a lined up, heavy infantry bunch for the second, but none to speedy armies with either.
The Nurgle force I know as it is Patrick`s one of Nelson`s Revenge, their S might be to hard but I hope I play him for sheer relaxness factor. The High Elves consist of blocks of 20 - 25 spearmen and 3 bolt throwers, so the main job there will be to find a way to take those out, and lob shells in the ranks to reduce their re-roll to hit thingie.

On the list of `still awaiting army list` is probably either a second Warriors or Chaos Dwarf list (take the latter, I`ll crush you! ROAWR), a Skink force which I already saw being played, lots of the little buggers and a serious flying circus, a Zombie force (wait, I can outmanoeuvre something???), a non Night Goblin Goblin force (slavvveeess) and my nemesis Guy with his Beastmen. Beaten those ones in the current edition (also, only battle ever so far in 8th... and that`s almost 1.5 years ago) so will do again (I hope).

It`s going to be fun for one, as I`m slowly (hey, I`m old, everything goes slower and takes longer to complete then it used to be. Hey ladies, yeah, that also ;-) ) getting the `tournament anticipation` pumping in the old veins again. Used to be times when I could get hyped, now THAT is going to take quite a while longer though this stint around, try 2013... IF the Maya`s proved wrong that is...

See you next week, for the finale of the painting project!

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