zondag 8 januari 2012

To Mordheim!

Heroes of the Dawi Zharr

Titan Wargames is a company with a small range of Chaos Dwarf models for skirmishing. Read: Mordheim. I ordered there warband set a few weeks ago, and started painting up some of the models to serve in my army as characters for the Insanity Project.

These models are great sculpts, with nice detailing and not to many flash and extensions that required clean up. And it has a noce female blunderbuss lass that will make a great unit champion or castellan to go into that bunch.

Thorgrim Kindleflame

Master of the forges and wielder of the flame of Hashut in the temple of the Clan Vongalazthag, Thorgrim seeks ways in the old world to intensify his fiery magic before the Curse of Stone starts to overtake him.

A sorcerer for my forces, this model comes with a flame dancing on his hand and a staff. He`ll serve as the Sorcerer Prophet in the initial army.

The Blue Guy behind him is a rebased Horrorclix renamed `Hexie`. Hexie`s job on the battlefield is to take position next to enemy, you guessed it, remain in play Hexes to remind my swiss cheese I call a brain that there is one active...

Kurgarth Steelbeard

Castellan in the Clan, Kurgarth leads the men with valor while wielding his magical mace to smite the foes and enslave the lesser species.

This bloke will lead the large unit of Warriors in the force that is being prepared for the 12th of february

`Fiery Feisty Fridhilde`

Nobody knows the true name of this ravenhaired Thane that leads regiments of blunderbusses on the field of battle, but the enemy has come to know her as the Black Widow Of the Badlands.

The sexy Thane will command the small blunderbuss unit that will guard the mortar in the army. Armed with the Black mace of Hashut, she should be able to take care of enemy fliers that try and take out the mighty war machine.

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  1. I love the lava effect on the bases and the colourscheme, is it coincidence or aren't those the Real Madrid team colours? :-)))
    'Hexie' the Reminder's a nice and original asset too, makes me realise I ned to make some too perhaps

  2. Errrm, Real Madrid plays in all white...

    It`s the `old school` big hat colour scheme that I`m adapting to my other CD incarnations as well

  3. They do play in blue/red with this :-p
    I had to look it up, I know zilch about football

  4. It shows, cause thats the jersey of the Spanish national squad...