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Posted by : Tomsche69 donderdag 19 januari 2012

The first unit of one of the unofficial but professionally made armies I`m gonna try and plunk down a thousand points for this year, the Hashishin are a Special choice in the Araby list.

The models themselves where painted a while ago for a Lead Painter`s League, so it was only a matter of touching them up. They are from the Black Tree Saracen range, of which I have quite a few models lying around *somewhere* that at least should provide a good base to start building an army from...

These units of Assassins are ambusher scouts, who can coat their weapons in Poison. Though the unit has no command upgrades and is small in maximum size, they can be useful if they get the chance to take care of war machines or straggling characters. Which is basically what I`m going to try and use them for...

If not, you still have at least a small flurry of high initiative attacks to throw into a side or rear of an enemy unit, even though being skirmishers in the current rules they can`t knock out rank bonusses and probably will die themselves rather fast as well.

Just a matter of swiftly trying to do more kills on the enemy then the enemy can retaliate to...

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  1. I'll make sure to battle them with my Albion army of the Dewinter Clan, it is said that Phillip, their Chieftain, doesn't like them very much.
    Apart from all this bollocks: great miniatures mate :-)))


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