dinsdag 28 juni 2016

Build Report: 41171 Emily Jones and the Baby Wind Dragon

The smallest set of this year`s Elves range that came out beginning of the year, this is a nice little thingy.

The theme has moved from elemental keys into elemental dragons, and both the dragons large and small are truly gorgeous things to behold.  I already was a fan of the theme, and I am more so this year.

The small box contains an instruction booklet and two bags of parts.

Figure wise, there is one minidoll in the set, being the non-Elven girl Emily Jones.

She comes with a basket of berries, and something I really loved... a printed bar of chocolate!

And then there is the baby Wind Dragon, who is moulded with translucent parts so the light can fall into them and create a bit of a light up effect.  The dragonbaby also has it`s large dragon egg, and improvement over the ones in Galaxy Quest and esier to open due to the bigger airholes at the top, preventing it from sucking itself close.

The build itself begins on the humble 2x4 green plate.

Green curved elements enlarge the surface of the base, and a first layer of grey, to represent rocks is added.

The blue resembles the small stream and waterfall that comes down from the rocky cliff.

Another great element, these are printed round tiles with a shrubbery / moss design on them.

A turning platform is created and installed, making up the playfunction in this set.  Beware of slippery mossy surfaces when climbing up!

As we build up the rocks, pastel and transparent elements are added to bring in some contrasting details from the plain grey.

The waterfall is heightened as the build goes towards it`s "top level".

A berry tree and the platform to place the dragon egg on are then added, completing the rockworks.

As with any set, some additional pieces have been included

The dragon, the printed pieces... apart from the fact I love Elves for the pastel and trans-coloured elements, these are some nice little things that add to the build, and the range as such.  I also put together a small video on my YouTube channel to ramble about it for about a minute and a half, so feel free to look at that if you want.

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