donderdag 30 juni 2016

Reaching the Halfway Mark

Well, the 30th of june is closing here, so that means I`ve reached the halfway mark of the projects and goals for this year...

And in general, they are going rather well.

I`ve caught up with some series, movies and books (only a gazillion left to do now lol), but changes in the Lego department, with becoming a member of commitee in the LUG. has caused some thingies I hadn`t foreseen.

I have been such an idiot I forgot I wouldn`t have time to man my own table now at Brick Mania`s, so the projects I had running for that are falling a bit by the wayside, being replaced with builds more aimed at the other conventions like StarCom and FACTS.

Oh well, at least a lot of those are being build right now, to that extend I`ve as good as quitted buying sets and going with my pots to the PAB wall instead most of the time, or buy Creator sets for the elements :-)

The "eternal" lists are another matter, and with Minifigures Online closing down in october apparently, I haven`t bothered on that anymore.  I just should find some time to put in a Dimensions marathon one of the weeks and 1. check the bricks as I forgot to update that a long time and 2. grab many more of them anyways.  But Playstation time has been severly restricted with on the one hand STO and on the other my building and sorting.

Well, let`s see what we will get done in the second half of the year, but I doubt either the Shire nor the Philosopher Stone will get ready, as BeLUG is at the end of this year`s distribution of the LUGBULK (they started at Z this time), so those won`t arrive in time anymore in all likelyhood.

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