zaterdag 25 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 6939 Saucer Centurion

In the midst of the 90s a new subtheme in Space appeared, and I liked it immediatly.

Spyrius was a subfaction which was specialising in hacking and the trading of data and files, and they featured a large selection of utility robots to help them out.

The Saucer Centurion, a mid range set and their biggest spaceship, was something I immediatly liked due to it being, well, a saucer in an era where every faction had arrowshaped vessels as their big modular style vehicles.

The set comes with two figures, a Spyrius agent, and one of those robots I said earlier.

The first thing we build in this set is the small auxiliary car, which is usually driven around by the robot worker.  This starts on a black plate with the wheel axles added underneath.

Black slopes and red detailings, the colours of the Spyrius faction, are placed on top of the chassis.

Add some more little grills and the like, as well as the typical, and printed! Spyrius control panel tiles, and the car itself is ready.

The base of the saucer are a big red plate, and two big wedgeshaped plates.

Using a red brick and black plates, these are connected to each other.

Based around a long Technic brick, we put together a claw like construction.  These are held in the sides of the saucer, and can extract for grabbing items with.

The other side of the saucer is then put together as well, using the same pattern for construction.  This section then contains the `sliders` for the hull as well.  You see, the saucer can split open along the middle, allowing the car we build at the beginning to be dropped from underneath.

This side of the saucer is then plated up, showing the distinction between both sides of the vessel very clearly.

We plate up the other side now as well, leaving only the pilot seating area open.

Round red bricks are placed on the underside of the ship, to serve as it`s simple landing gear.

The main engine assembly is then placed on the back of the saucer.

The double canopies are placed on the vessel.  One will cover the pilot (and claw operator in one), while the other covers the section where the car will be once inserted into the hull.

More details are then added, with the lasercannons and printed Spyrius panels.

And the vessel stands completed:

Yeah, I should have dusted the parts before building them and taking pictures, but this is a set I had lying around for next to 20 years in my parts boxes... who went into the garage in my dark ages.  In hindsight, I'm pretty sure this actual set was the last one I bought / received before those took place, so in a way this build report is a come full circle moment...

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