zaterdag 11 juni 2016

The Brickagramer House of Games

No matter what good intentions the mayors of any budding settlements may have to become beacons of enlightment and order, this is often short lived.

In Quinnsville, this has happened recently as well, as an underground game runner, Ulysses P. Fenwick, opened a gambling den in the town.  

Nobody knows where he came from or how he got to Cocovia, but together with his wife Stefania he runs this dark and damp house of games, where some cardgame called "Dimensions" is attracting sailors and inhabitants from all over the island... and abroad as ships moore the small dock of the town.

It is said that once you pass by the blue silks of the den, you will leave changed.  Or if you are being to difficult, Pug the Bouncer solves it all.

Thanks to Phil Fenn for getting me the Brickagram figure and tiles to use for this build.

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