zaterdag 4 juni 2016

Build Report: 75901 Mystery Plane Adventures

Bar perhaps the Mystery Van, this set from last year`s Scooby Doo range was for me the most "must have" one of the line.  The Headless Horseman figure just did it for me, and when I received this set at Brick Mania Antwerpen past november, I was really happy.

And you can hear me talk about the set a bit here.

Mind you I didn`t attach the stickers to the set, as it will be taken apart for the parts afterwards anyways, like I said it is all about the figures for me with this set.

Opening the box we get two bags of parts, a sticker sheet and the instruction booklet.

The first figures we come across are Scooby himself and the Headless Horseman, with his pumpkin style helmet.

The horse comes with the options of saddled or "fully closed up".

The base of the plane is a 2x10 light grey plate, to which we add some orange ones in a cross section.

Inverted lime green roof parts make the belly of the doubledecker, as blue plates are added to bulk out the bottom wings.

The propellor axle is then installed at the front, as we continue to bulk out the hull of the airplane.  This includes the connector pieces for the bombs the plane will carry, as well as the base rounding for the engine block.

Next up is the tailfin installed, again using the bright blue and contrasting orange

We then put in the cilinders for the engineblock for the airplane.

The whole bodywork of the plane is then "smoothed out" a bit.

We move on to bag number two, and we get Shaggy together with another great printed tile, something present in all the Scooby sets and unique to each "story" in them.

The supports for the top wing are then added to the plane together with the front screen.

This wing is made up of blue plates with knobs, and the wingtips enclose the whole topwing.

The engine is then covered to have the propellor of the plane.

Flipping the machine over, we install the landing gear wheels at the bottom.

Now this I like.  Hamburger bombs.  And the cool thing is the top of the bun is another printed element.

All we have to do is to add a chain to the side, from which Shaggy will be dangling then.

The full set completed:

And the additional parts, including the horse left over parts.

This truly is a great set, with the flashy colours typical of the Scooby range to give it that cartoon-y feel from the 70s and 80s, and some great printed elements and minifigures.  A must have for any Lego collector in my opinion, and one that would be a shame if you miss out on this little set when it retires.

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