woensdag 29 juni 2016

Classic Build report: 4705 Snape's Classroom

Yesterday JKK Rowling revealed the details about the new houses on Ilmory, so it is only fitting that today`s classic build draws from the Potterverse as well.

A smaller set of 150+ pieces from the wave in 2001, based on the Sorcerer`s Stone, it`s from my favorite era still, the "yellow" figures.

Though actually Ron is the only yellow toned figure in it, the other being Snape in his grey complexion, and Peeves the Poltergeist.

Using the thick grey plates, we begin the build by attaching the hinge between the two of them.

Pillars are then added, as well as the borders for where the build will be made.

A slider that represents the cooking fire in the classroom is build and installed next, and covers the hidden scroll to be found there.

Another secret compartment is then build and added, seems ol' Snape has a lot to hide.

The cauldron is then added with the arch behind it, as is the large doorframe and the door.

Peeves is placed behind the shelves full of ingredients, in order to burst forward and cause mayhem and chaos during the lesson.

As the walls are being build up, a large spiderweb is placed in the corner of the dungeon classroom.

The roof arches are then added, nearly completing the class room.

All that is left is to place the green tower point, and the room is ready.

The full set completed:

Like with any Harry Potter set, these old ones are actually still rather affordable, as most people prefer the flesh figures.  Take into account that this is the only set including Peeves, which adds to it`s value, and you`re not far wrong snatching it off BrickLink and the likes in the 20 euro range for a used and complete version.

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