zondag 12 juni 2016

Build Report: 60117 Van & Caravan

Today`s build report is the Thank You set all participants at Brick Mania Liege received two weeks ago.

Now, I don`t have any feelings for City, as that just isn`t my theme, but as it is a set the club donated to all participants, it`s nothing short of normal that as a board member I at least build it once and show the route to it`s completion.

The set was released just this year, and contains 240+ parts and 2 minifigures, being a happy camping couple, as well as their dog.  These are divided over 2 instructions booklets, 3 bags of parts and a sticker sheet which I won`t be applying, as all the parts will be sorted in my moc boxes.

The first part of the set is a small build, containing the barbeque with the necessary saucages.

The car, or van, starts on a 2x12 grey plate.

This is then covered up with red and dark grey plating for the bottom, and the wheel axles are attached here as well.

On the bottom, blue is used to lower the sides a bit.

The backside of the car is build up first, including the hubcaps for the wheels.

We then work our way forward with the sides and the front wheelcaps, while the yellow piece is to attach the front grille and lights to the vehicle using the snot technique.

But we first install the seat and steering wheel for the drives, as well as the bench in the back of the van.

Transparent black windows are used throughout this set for all the windscreens and car windows,  which are always handy pieces to have lying around.

The rear side frame is then build up, and using flat tiles will allow us to take the roof of the car later on.

The dials are printed, so that`s a nice element to have in Star Trek builds.

We then put on the front windscreen.

The front grille and headlights are the next thing we are putting together, and then we attach that to the yellow connector element.  A blue slope is put on the top, closing off the section nicely.

The roof and the rearview mirrors are added to the van, and as we put the wheels underneath it, the car itself is ready and we can move on to the caravan.

This starts out with a 2x12 black plate, on which two white plates are added to create the "size" of the caravan.

At the back, the stopping lights and direction indicators are added.

We build up the whole frame around the wheelcaps using mostly inverted grey slopes, and the ribbed grey bricks.

Once the bottom frame is fully filled up, we make the edge on which the opening side of the caravan will rest.  The side of the little thingy can swing open, and this will then show the small interior of it, containing of a bed and a coffee machine.

As we commence the support for the roof, the large front window is installed to the build as well.

The side that can swivel open is build next and added to the caravan.

White plates are added to the top of the caravan as a roof.  And here you can see as well how it opens up to the side.

The side is secured by adding a small modified plate at the top as we edge out the roofing.  You will actually have to detach this piece to open op the caravan, but putting the wheels under it finishes this part as well.

Like all Lego sets, some additional pieces are included:

And the full set stands completed:

Well, like I said in the beginning, City isn`t really my thing, but this set at least provides me with white and grey slopes and plates, so that is something that is always welcome.  And heck, it was a free gift anyways, so who am I to complain :-)

This will also be the last build report for the next 10 days, as I won`t be doing them while I`m away, but expect me back the 22nd when I`ll pick up the pace on the blog again.  But for now, apart from the Inspirational episode tomorrow, I wish you all Jolan'Tru.

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