donderdag 23 juni 2016

Classic Lego Build: 4701 Sorting Hat

Today`s classic build comes from the very first wave of Harry Potter sets, released in 2001 in the The Philosopher`s Stone series.

Now, while both the GF and the Smurf are far madder about Potter, I do think the line looks rather nice, and while an often heard complaint is that the older "yellow" sets aren`t cool, I actually prefer them.

And not only because that makes them really cheap for the franchise, this one going on BL in Used / Complete status going only around the 10 euro mark, not much up from it`s release.

The set of course comes with a Harry Potter figure, as it is about the moment he was sorted into one of the four houses of Hogwarts.

Based on a large grey grille, this little build (about 40 parts) is started.

The sorting table actually spins around and it is a printed element, so turning it won`t loosen any stickers.

This is then placed on the grille and partly obscured, so that the result is the only one mainly showing.

There is also a printed scroll tile included, which had before appeared in the Castle line amongst others.  This is stored in a small cabinet while torches are placed on the sides of the table.

The only thing remaining is placing the Sorting Hat and Hedwig, and it stands completed:

Not a bad little build, and a great little (and affordable) set to grab for someone who wants to still get into Lego Harry Potter.

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