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Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List (Vol 1, Issue 5) June 616

Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List
New Terra’s somewhat reliable source for shipping news.
June 616. VOL 1 ISSUE 5

Pirate Menace Finally Addressed

After month’s pleas from the harried merchant fleets, the three great kingdoms put aside their difference for the greater good and formed six squadrons to rid the seas of the growing pirate menace.  The crowds cheered these brave captains on as they left their docks at the start of the month, but only some were feted upon their return.

The Corrington fleet sailing around Lebellan under Commodore Coyle achieved the greatest glory, capturing the rated ships Killing Spree, Sleeping Siren, and Blood Diamond.  Surprisingly, there has been no talk of a knighthood for the commodore to reward him for his victory as rumours abound that he has earned the displeasure of the court for some unwholesome business dealings.

The joint Eslandola and Corrington fleet sailing east of Lebellan under Commodore De La Manzana sank a mighty warship while capturing four vessels of small displacement, also earning the gratitude of the trading companies.

The Eslandolan fleet sailing near Mardier’s colony of King’s Port sailing under Commodore Janszen proved overmatched by the Blood and Guts, a privateer out of Carno.  The cruise started well with the capture of the Garvian reaver Onishiit.   In high spirits, the captains decided to issue extra rations of grogs to their crews in celebration. During the gross lack discipline that followed, none of the look-outs observed the rapidly closing man-of-war out of Riden.   Having lost the weather gauge, both sloops Holder’s Secret and Lady’s Revenge were easily run down and boarded, while the Dark Narwhal fled back to the safe haven of Nova Terrelli with its prize in order to escape the same fate.  A sad showing indeed for the merchant marines of the bitter King Fernando.

Faring little better was the joint Eslandolan and Oleon fleet under Commodore Wyndzon.   Cruising along the coast of Balondia, they encountered the fleet of the dread pirate Zubious Van Wreck.  Taking the offered bait, the flotilla sprung upon a small cutter, the former Eslondalan vessel  Wringe (now fitted as a ship of war), and brigantine Cougar intent raiding the coastal villages.  While arguing over the division of the prize crews, Van Wreck swooped in with the Ghost Harvester and Fallen Angel.  The Oleon brig Expedition’s powder magazine caught fire during the initial broadside and the ensuing inferno saw it quickly sink to the dark sea bottom. The pirate lord then turned his attention to the outgunned Walrus, battering her into submission.  At dusk, the outclassed Turgut sailed away with what survivors it had collected leaving the laurels of victory again for the pirate lord.  Upon making port, Captain Phred of Turgut laid blame for the failure on the commodore’s orders, straining the already tense relations between the two nations.

Southeast of An Tolli, the joint Corrington and Eslandolan fleet  had mixed success, capturing the pirate war brigs Catfish Supreme and Cold Heart, while nearly losing the flagship Dilligente in close action and seeing the pirates make off with Eslandola’s Sea Bulge.  Once news of this encounter reached shore, King’ Fernando’s ambassador made an official protest to the Corrington Naval office, claiming that their vessel had been misused as a sacrificial lamb.  No official response has been forthcoming to the baseless accusation, but rumours abound that the Sea Bulge had put to sea criminally short of spars and sails after its captain had sold them for a few extra coins.

Finally, the joint Oleon and Eslandola squadron met some middling honour, capturing an armed pirate sloop lurking by Holder’s Rock while the a vainly attempted to track down the Garvian privateer Admiral Mercedes.

While the overall results of the campaign have been deemed a success, one cannot but note that the balance of naval power has shifted decidedly in the favour of Corrington.  How long will it be before Queen Annetta decides that use her new found advantageand declare the lands east of Terraversa hers by right?  The courts of Oleon and Eslandola must eyeing her ever growing navy with growing trepidation.

War for Ilse de Romantica Rages On

Lord Prio’s struggle for independence continues, though little solid news of the conflict has come back from the island thus far.  There has been some talk of unseasonable wet weather interfering with the campaigning, but it seems unfounded.   We wait to see the result of Mardier’s attempt to put down its wayward governor and reclaim its possession.

Red Gold: The Corrington Trade Fleet's Luck Holds Steady

Another glorious month of trading was had by the Corrington merchant fleet, who's strategy of running two massive trade fleets has once again proved successful, with only two loss reported.

The Merry Lyric fleet travlled across the seas, accumalting gold at a fine pace.  While the Sulky Harlequin and Purple Rain drew the attention of buccaneers, these were easily dispatched.  The pride of the navy took prizes of the Garvian privateers Soupfish and Smirker, as well as the pirate vessels Anoa, Blood Mean, and Baluga.  The HMS Gauntlet proved the mightiest of these warriors, driving off repeated attacks single-handed while capturing pirate ships of the line Silver Tongue and Headstone. It is truly captained by a hero of the realm.  Unfortunately, the loss of the Lynx to a monstrous kracken and the mysterious disappearance of the Valkyrie during the night marred an otherwise perfect voyage.

Not to be outdone, the naval escorts of the Quick Wing fleet took the pirate vessels Bingo, Don Abelo and Ugly Gibbon after fierce actions, and without loss of a single merchant ship.  Praiseworthy indeed.

Finally, the junkyard fleet of Quinnsville found success commensurate with its size, rounding out a profitable month for Queen Annetta's merchants.

Eslandolan Trade Fleet arrives Far Smaller than When it Left

While the red queen was overjoyed with the gold flowing into her covers, the bitter King Fernando was less pleased.  Already displeased with the performance of his navy during the pirate purge operation, the results have been reported to have sent him into a jealous rage of the Corrington success.  Time will tell if the King's temper will sour the cordial relationship in place between both nations.

The Double Duty trade run began ominously with the escort flagship Dark Lightning being captured during a skirmish with the pirate vessel Hasslin Hector.  Whether due to the removal of an incompetent commodore, or simply to protect their honour in light of their ignoble performance, the remaining Eslandan naval vessels successfully fought off preying vessels during the remaining of the voyage, including the infamous Billyjack II.  Thanks to their efforts, only one merchant ship, the Wringe II was damaged, and forced to port early.

If that had not been enough to rile the throne, the fate of the Dragon's Teeth trade fleet was sure to have driven the royal person fits of anger.  Led by escort flagship Dread Treasure, this trio of Eslandolan captain's proved far less capable than all those before them.

Firstly, the Cotton Lady was put upon by the Black Mermaid, Captain Greyskars' deadly reaver.  Coming to its aid, the Dread Treasure misjudged the wind and managed to de-masted itself, and became easy prey for the pirate.

Shaken, the convoy pressed on only to become overly spread during a foggy night.  Down swooped pirate Captain LeColeon's squadron.  Without much resistance, they scopped up the Fenix Rising, Banana Boat, and La Transferrata and left only corpses in their wake.

Upon returning port, the widows of the merchant crews pelted the escort's crews with rotten produce until the crowd was dispersed by the local militia.  When we asked one of the rioters to compare their fleets success to that of Corrington, Marcus Knopflerio said:

"Now look at them yo-yo's that's the way you do it.  You fly the red flag on the bright, blue sea.  That ain't workin' that's the way you do it.  Money for nothin' and your ships for free."

He then sadly proceeded back to his job as a warehouse hand, moving custom wood stoves and ice boxes.

Free Trader Fleet Finds its Way

Recently recognized as legitimate free traders by the great powers, the vessels of many independant merchants found profit in their voyages this month.  All three fleets successfully completed their uneventful runs, with only the mysterious loss of the Night's Gold to blemish the record.  Should this luck continue, they will find more and more established investors looking to underwrite their voyages.

Captain Trips on Rock - Finds Treasure

IN other news, while searching for a suitable location to take on water, the most fortunate Captain Darksten managed to trip over a small rock while in the process of giving orders.  The result was not just a broken arm, but the chance discovery of the famed treasure of Oxbley.  Reports have it that the crew of the Novitus preceeded to Bastion forthwith, and many a song was sung.

Secretive Oleon Trader Fleets Has Moderate Success... We Think

Taking measures to keep the secret of their recent massive success from prying eyes , the trade routes of the Oleon merchant fleet was not posted publically, and the rfruits of their labours have not been widely reported.   But the following pieces of information have been confirmed.
  • In action on rough seas, the Oleon escorts  Fairmont and Orion were lost to the squadron of the Mardier privateer Darrien El'Tonia.  Official dispatches were immediately sent to the king's represenative in Mardier in hopes coming to a mutual understanding on the matter;
  • Regaining some honour for the Oleon navy, the Galaxie captured an armed priate sloop;
  • The Comet was lost in high seas; and,
  • Due to flagrant drunkeness of the duty watch, the Little Hermes ground itself on a reef.   Salvage efforts proved successful.
Cub Reporter Lost in Action

Master Joachim Smith of our Bastion office was recently lost to us in unfortunate circumstances.  It seems the young reporter had noticed that for the last two months Captain Emil Meloche had gone to sea and seemingly sailed around aimlessly to no purpose.  Eye witnesses say when the young Smith, hungry to make a name for himself, stopped Meloche while his disembarked from the Donatus and questioned him regarding this very matter, he was promptly shot dead, after which the pirate muttered "Nae comment" under his breath.  It seems no one had told the victim about the short temper of the so called Dark Bishop of Charlatan Bay.

Donations to this newspaper's timeliness fund in lieu of flowers are appreciated.


Official Game Results


Sorry, but I did not have the time to calculate the faction totals or do a complete write up for this month due to the short turn-around. I am sure I missed some combats and significant events too. But with poor Ska up to his ears in real life commitments, this will have to tide you ravenous dogs over for now. :) 

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