donderdag 29 september 2022

That time I got reincarnated as a Slime volume 7 - Fuse and Taiki Kawakami

 So we are back with the next volume of our favorite monster, Rimuru.

And he certainly has his work cut out for him, with the demon lord Milim, who is one of the most powerfull out there, having decided to stay in the city of Jura.

Because with her proclaiming herself Rimuru's bestie, this might upset the balance of power between the other demon lords, turning their eye to the newly formed Monster Nation.

After a delegation of the demon lord Carrion arrives, Rimuru learns from Milim about a plot of 4 of the lords, including herself, to set up a puppet demon lord in order to get their ideas the majority of votes, which was supposed to have been the Orc Lord Rimuru defeated.  In the meantime, the kingdom of Falmuth tries to strengthen her borders with Jura still thinking the Orc Lord is roaming at large.  They send a mercenary force headed by captain Youm, who is saved from a huge spider together with the adventuring band of before and guildmaster Fuze, by Gobta.

They forge a plan together to make Youm a champion, to tell the world he defeated the Orc Lord and as such make the Jura Forest nation less of an imposing force that might catch the unwanted attention of other nations, as monsters defeated another monster, and having them seen as an even bigger threat that way...
And now, it's the search for volume 8 to read further in the adventures in our Slime and his band of unlikely allies he gathered around him.

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