dinsdag 27 september 2022

The Way of the Househusband season 1 part 2

 Our favorite Yakuza houseman is back, in the second part of Netflix's original series first season.

So me and Noshi binged this one as well, still giggling from the jokes of the first season part.

But as it counts as seperate entries on MAL, I`m keeping that counter for recordkeeping sake.

And our former topgangster Immortal Dragon, aka Tatsu, is back for more serious problems that need to be tackled in everyday life.  Like how to make tapioca bubble tea together with his former gangster rival Steel Fists of Tiger, or a school project for his cousin.  Not to mention the ultimate challenge of beach volleybal with his wife!

This leads to all sorts of hilarious situations on how he solves the problems still using his yakuza language and style, and how this scares the people at times around him, but never the less keeps his manners and ways as a normal househusband going.

Another short but fun season, again in that special sort of artstyle but not to distracting at all, and good fun to watch.  If you are in your 40s as well, it also feels very relatable on the part of the situations he has to deal with.

Great fun!

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