vrijdag 3 februari 2023

Blue Period volume 2 - Tsubasa Yamaguchi

 And so we continue on the journey of a former delinquent giving it all to get to art school.

While for me, it is a good sit back and relax manga, as it reads really well and the art is clear and soothing on the eyes.

As he now has convinced his mother that he really wants to attend Tokyo University of Arts, he enrolls in night school for the oil painting courses with mrs Ooba.  Joining two of his course classmates to a museum, he goes on a search of what he actually likes in art.

When outside, he sees Yuka being dumped by his date, and they have a good conversation about "normal" and the more he talks with him, the more he understands him and less of a weirdo he begins thinking of him.  But then the news comes his course will have a ranked competition, the same one his muze scored 5th from the bottom in.  Ooba explains to him how all classical works of art make use of 5 basic shapes, and that that composition skill is something he still has to learn and master.

Put in a group together with Kuwana, the younger sister of the only high-schooler to win the competition, he is amazed by the excentricity of some around him.   He ends up higher then he expected, even topping his two friends who are far more experienced, while Kuwana takes top spot... to her chagrin as there is a curse that whoever tops the contest never passed the entrance exam.

To get a better idea of the level of art required to get into TUA, he goes with his friends to the cultural festival at the university.  Here he runs into Yotasuke and his mom, and as he visits the art exhibition with Yotasuke, the latter comes clean that he seriously dislikes him out of a form of jealously, as he already has everything going for him so why does he need to pick art as well.  The words impact, and he creates a painting fueled by his emotions and impressing miss Ooba with the result.

That was some fine reading once again, and I love how the manga even more then the anime manages to show the feelings of doubt raging within Yatora.  Onwards to volume 3 it is now!

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