donderdag 2 februari 2023

One Punch Man Specials

 As I keep doing some catch up's before starting a new challenge about anime in 2023, after the Hitman Reborn this year, it's time to finally watch these BluRay specials.

A series of 6 short episodes, these take place between the episodes of the first season, so it has been a while since I watched those.

But one can never have enough of the comical antics (and world savings!) of Saitama, and as such I used some free moments to watch these.  And it helps shorten that huge plan to watch list on MAL as well, as it is becoming almost half the size of the actual completed series by now.
In those funny short stories, Saitama must face a lot of difficult opponents, like the idea that he is being stalked after watching a movie, while it is actually Genos studying his master, trying to unravel how to become as powerfull as him.  

It all leads to Genos trying to get a key back from a mobster gang as he misunderstood Saitama, whom he duly dispatches.  But people defeated by him look to train themselves better, like Speed-O-Sound Sonic, Fang and others.  But Genos keeps being bothered about failing the grocery shopping, even asking his maker for psychic powers to prevent that from happening...

It was a fun series of shorts, that tie in to the main story without being necessary to have seen in order to be able to follow.

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