zondag 5 februari 2023

Peter Rabbit

 While on our trip to Amsterdam a while ago, we spend the evening enjoying some movies from the comforts of our hotel bed.

There was this dutch channel that ran all time family films, and as such we stumbled upon this CGI comedy from 2018, based on the children's books of the same name.

In the countryside, the rabbit family Peter, Benjamin and the triplets Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail spend most of their time annoying old man McGregor, who had killed and eaten their father.  When the old man dies of a heart attack, his great-nephew Thomas moves in to prepare the estate for sale.

Thomas is an overstressed worker from Harrod's who wants to one day create a more succesful toystore then his employer has.  He kicks out Peter and the other animals, sealing of the garden from the wildlife.  He meets his neighbour Bea, a friend of the beasts and an artistic spirit, and slowly they fall in love.

But this is not to Peter's liking, who sees their friend being pulled away from them towards this creepy, animal hating fellow.  They engage in multiple acts of pestering and vandalism to try and chase him off, but one by one their plan fails, resulting even in the tree above their burrow crashing into Bea's house.

She blames Thomas and he returns to London to get his old job back, but wracked by guild Peter and Benjamin go out to look for him and settle the matter, making him coming back.  But not before they confess to Bea what they can do, as they chase off the new buyers of Thomas's estate.

A fun family movie for sure, and I couldn't stop laughing with the rooster that is amazed every morning that a new morning has actually come instead of that the world had ended.

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