donderdag 31 december 2015

Classic Lego Build: 6370 Weekend Home

Has it been 12 months already since I started the year with a build report of the Mirkwood Elf polybag?

Well, apparently so, and as such the penultimate blogpost of 2015 is a buildreport of a classic set from 1985, the Weekend Home set.

Part of the City lot I bought from Vincent, this 160+ parts set is a true classic, and if you see towns and cities in Lego, you can be almost sure that this little gem is standing in one of the rows of houses on it.

The weekend home is crowded by two minifigures, boy and girl, out to have a weekend of leisure and relaxation.  It`s also one of the earlier sets that featured the red hair look for the lady.

Coming with a `half baseplate`, we start the build by laying the lineout for the walls.

A kitchen is installed, as is the decalled wall.  back then, lego regularly produced decals that overlapped over multiple bricks, but if your carefull they remain in great condition.

As the windows and door are inserted, we cover up the first floor using red plates.

Red and blue where mainstay colours in the 80s, as Lego had a palette of 7 colours for bricks back then, and the roofing is made in blue to contrast nicely with the red walls.

The roof is finished as the windows are installed there as well.

The full set completed

And a view from the back

It`s a pure nostalgia set through and through, and it was great fun to rebuild it after more then 20 years I must say.  While City isn`t really my thing, that doesn`t mean one cannot enjoy those lovely trips down memory lane, fitting on the day we reflect back on another year gone by...

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